Industrial Parts Cleaning Equipment

For over 75 years, Baron-Blakeslee has been the top name in industrial cleaning equipment;

Industrial Parts Cleaning Equipment

since our company was acquired by the Service Filtration Corporation in 2009, we've expanded our involvement in the industrial cleaning equipment industry by manufacturing different types of parts washer equipment, including aqueous parts washer devices.

Industrial Finishing Equipment

Determining the type of aqueous cleaning system that your company needs can be more complicated than determining the type of vapor degreasing system that you need. Not all equipment parts are made to be immersed in water, and many have complex cleaning, coating, drying or processing needs. It's likely that the more complex your cleaning needs, the more likely it is that you'll need a multi-stage modular cleaning system.

Baron-Blakeslee manufactures a variety of modular devices which can be added to as your company's needs change. Optional add-ons may include oil removal equipment, high pressure pumps, make-up systems and load/unload conveyors. We also manufacture custom designed equipment. For more about these types of industrial cleaning equipment, contact Baron-Blakeslee, your parts washer specialists.

Modular Belt Washer

Modular Belt Washer (MBW)

This conveyer belt-based industrial cleaner comes ready for customization.

Modular Cleaning System

Modular Cleaning System (MCS)

The MCS has been designed for batch cleaning, and can be constructed from either stainless steel or plastic, according to your company's requirements. It can also be custom-built based on size specifications.

Modular Lift Washer

Modular Lift Washer (MLW)

The MLW can clean and remove chips and contaminants, protect against rust and dry metal or plastic parts that require immersion cleaning.

Industrial Parts Washer

Custom Industrial Parts Washer

We produce an array of parts cleaning equipment designed to serve a variety of purposes. We make all-in-one modular washers with the capacity to clean, dry and protect against damage.

The Terpenator

The Terpenator

This industrial cleaner strips flux off circuit boards through the use of bio-based hydrocarbons, leaving no residue behind.

Flushing Cleaner

Flushing Cleaners

Flushing cleaners are designed to clean the interior of sensitive equipment such as heat exchanges and hydraulic tubing. Custom Baron Blakeslee flushing cleaners are eco-friendly and can be used for Cleaning In Place (CIP) applications.

Strip Cleaners

Strip Cleaners

Strip cleaners typicallyare plugged into a process line. They can integrate directly into the manufacturing flow of your factory. (They can remove stamping oils from a continuous strip of metal coming off a press, for example.) There are many different types of materials that are processed this way – and at Baron Blakeslee, we're proud to be a full-service manufacturer of the custom strip cleaners companies depend on every single day.

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