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Vapor degreasing technology has long been the gold-standard in effective parts cleaning for various manufacturing applications, but traditional vapor cleaning equipment has its limitations when it comes to efficiency and compatibility with the needs of each facility. At Baron Blakeslee, we have merged with Serec Corporation to provide patented Airless™ vacuum vapor degreasing systems that eliminate common issues and help to streamline any operation.

While standard vapor degreaser equipment provides adequate results when it comes to parts cleaning, it also has high emissions and energy consumption,as well as lowered compatibility with various solvent types. The Serec Corporation Airless™ vapor cleaning system addresses growing global concerns on air quality and provides an environmentally conscious alterative that produces results that exceed the standards for industrial parts cleaning.

Operating Process of Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreaser Equipment

The difference of Airless™ vacuum vapor degreasing systems comes down to eliminating air within the machinery during the process,allowing for higher efficiency, better results, and lowered emissions. The parts cleaning equipment sold by Baron Blakeslee can be fully customized to the unique needs of each facility, but all of our Airless™ equipment follows a standardized process that is patented and guaranteed to deliver the highest-quality results:

  1. Initial Vacuum Process
    After loading parts into the Airless™ vapor degreasing system, the door is then closed and sealed to the open air. The air within the degreasing chamber is then evacuated via a vacuum pump to achieve pressure of less than 5 torr.
  2. Release of Solvent and Vapor
    Once the vacuum is achieved within the chamber, solvent and vapor is released into the machine from the vapor supply tank. These substances then adhere as liquid to the surface area of the parts that need to be cleaned,beginning the cleaning process.
  3. Cleaning by Condensation
    Condensation will cause the parts to become heated during the cleaning process. The parts are then cooled and rinsed with liquid solvent to remove deposits. This cleaning and spraying cycle can be repeated a number of times, based upon operator selection, until the cleaning process is completed.
  4. Solvent and Vapor Removal
    During the vapor recovery process, the hot solvent vapor is removed from the degreasing chamber to the heat exchanger to be condensed. From there, it is returned to the solvent holding tank.
  5. Restoration of Atmospheric Pressure
    In the final phase of operation, the degreasing chamber is restored to atmospheric pressure in order to remove remaining solvent. Once atmospheric pressure is achieved, the operator is able to safely open the door and remove the clean, fully dried parts. Due to the unique methods used, there is no solvent odor or exposure risk to the operator.

The dirty solvent that was moved to the vapor supply tank during the cleaning process is then distilled to eliminate any contaminates. This is done in two ways:

  • Automatic: Automatic distillation occurs periodically during each cleaning cycle when the pumps are available.
  • Deliberate: Periodic, operator-selected distillation should also occur on a regular schedule based upon the individual facility requirements.

Benefits of the Airless™ Vapor Cleaning System from Serec Corporation

There are benefits and advantages to both a standard vapor cleaning system and the patented Airless™ vacuum vapor degreasers offered by Baron Blakeslee. While the needs of your operation will ultimately dictate which product is right for you, there are numerous benefits to switching your process over to include the innovative Airless™ vapor cleaning system:

  • Pollution Prevention: Reducing pollution and emissions was a key part of the Serec Corporation mission. With the air and solvent never mixing within this system, the risk of solvent emissions is eliminated.
  • Cleaner Parts: Throughout the cleaning process, the air that is dissolved within the solvent is eliminated under vacuum, which results in increased ultrasonic power and cleaner parts.
  • Low Energy Consumption: There is virtually no energy loss with the unique methods used in airless systems,reducing utility costs and resulting in long-term savings for your company.
  • Solvent Compatibility: By removing the air from the solvent when cleaning parts, there is no risk of incompatibility with any of the various solvents used for industrial parts cleaning.

Learn More About the Premier Advantage of the Airless™ Vacuum Vapor Degreaser

At Baron Blakeslee, we are on the cutting edge of technology, and by joining with Serec Corporation, we are able to bring the best in high-tech, efficient equipment to industries around the world. To learn more about the Airless™ vacuum vapor degreasers that we offer, as well as the standard vapor cleaning systems that we sell and service, contact us today. By giving us a call or filling out our online form, we can provide you with a precise estimate for increasing the efficiency of your operation.

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