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Baron Blakeslee, since 1920, the original American industrial equipment manufacturer.

History of Serec Cooperation

The original Serec Corporation, developed several US patents supporting the revolutionary Airless  vacuum technology, including:

  • Dry cleaning degreasing system, Patent No. 5,702,535
  • Filter regeneration system, Patent No. 5,630,434
  • Solvent cleaning systems, Patent No. 5,538,025
  • Cleaning method and system, Patent No. 5,469,876
  • Cleaning method & system, Patent No. 5,240,507
  • Closed circuit solvent cleaning system, application No. 08/965,357 Trademark No. 2,094,192

Historically, Serec, was committed to exceeding regulatory and environmental requirements. Serec Airless  vacuum degreasers employed a closed loop technology achieving near zero emissions, 99.9% solvent recovery, and minimized energy usage.

Serec Airless  vacuum degreasers installed in California have been certified by the Los Angeles South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), the most stringent air quality governing body in the nation. Serec Airless  vacuum degreasers have met the environmental requirements of BACT, LEAR, MACT, and NESHAP.

This is the timeline of Serec Corporation’s history:

  • 1992 - Serec Corporation introduces Airless © Vacuum Cleaning systems into the American market
  • 2002 - Tiyoda-Serec Corporation, was formed to leverage synergies
  • 2004 - Tiyoda-Serec Corporation diversified into a total solutions cleaning company
  • 2010 - Tiyoda-Serec Corporation renamed to Serec Corporation, after becoming 100% American owned
  • 2017 – Baron Blakeslee SFC Inc, purchased the Serec Corporation

Baron Blakeslee and Serec

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