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Why You Need Rotating Basket Material Handling Vapor degreasing is a great way to clean parts, offering advantages of performance, efficiency, safety & economy.  However, some types of parts may not be suitable for processing in a vapor degreaser without the use of special handling methods....

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American Made When you’re looking to for the best solution to obtain maximum cleaning, you want an airless vacuum vapor degreaser from Baron Blakeslee. As an American-made and American-serviced vapor degreaser company, you can rest assured that we offer the best when it comes to industrial cleanin...

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New Regulations On nPB In Canada Are you operating a vapor degreaser in Canada with nPB?  The solvent n-propyl bromide, also known as “nPB” or 1-Bromopropane is going to be subject to more strict operator exposure limits in Canada in areas like Ontario.  On August 2, 2017, the Ontario...

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Baron Blakeslee has just completed a merger with the Serec Corporation of North Kingston, RI.  Baron Blakeslee Serec is the only American company offering the complete range of solvent cleaning systems, from open top vapor degreasers to Airless™ Vacuum Degreasing Systems… all designed, built an...

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Baron Blakeslee is now offering Factory Certified, Pre-Owned vapor degreasing systems. As a company with an 80+ year history who specializes in vapor degreasing equipment, it makes sense to purchase a pre-owned BB degreaser from us, the original manufacturer! All equipment has passed BB’s...

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