Baron Blakeslee, industrial cleaning equipment experts headquartered in Northbrook, IL, is excited to introduce the InGENEus Project to local Chicago area residents. Created to help pay for genetic testing for low-income cancer patients whose doctors recommend it, the non-profit organization was started by a local Itasca woman diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago. Because her 46th birthday fell just prior to her diagnosis, her insurance company refused to cover genetic testing even after her doctor wrote a personal letter of medical necessity. Through a network of friends, associates and specialists acquainted with throughout her own treatments, she began the InGENEus Project to ensure that even those that are uninsured or whose insurance companies refuse to pay for genetic cancer testing have access to the test and answers about their cancer.

We boast over 75 years of service throughout the Chicago area and have been proud to watch our communities grow along with our industrial cleaning company over those decades. We enjoy sharing positive news from local residents that are doing excellent things within the community to help others. Because of the InGENEus Project and its annual fundraiser, one woman is turning her struggle into a way to help others in her situation that may feel helpless or in the dark. Baron Blakeslee has long been a premier provider of industrial cleaning equipment, including vapor degreasers and solvent recovery still, and we are very active with our local communities. Those interested in discovering more information about the InGENEus Project, or volunteering their time with them, can visit their Facebook group page. You can find out more about Baron Blakeslee, our company and our products by exploring our website or connecting directly with our team.

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