Bring the natural environment inside your manufacturing facility. Make your business green - from the lighting systems to your industrial cleaning system. At Baron Blakeslee, we develop industrial cleaning equipment that is gentle on the environment, but is aggressive enough to remove unwanted resistant materials, like flux, from your final products. The Terpenator is the tabletop cleaning system that has as much cleaning strength and efficiency as its larger predecessors.

The Terpenator features no direct source of ignition and is an exemplary machine for hydrocarbon solvents during cleaning processes like, dip cleaning. This cold cleaning system consisting of an air-operated circulation pump and filtration is ideal for organic solvent cleaning as well. Another cleaning process this machine is used for is batch cleaning, which can be enhanced with the Terpenator???s additional add-ons, including the manual spray wand, hinged lid with fusible link closure and material handling options.

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