Industrial professionals everywhere are becoming environmentally conscious. Vapor degreasing systems continue to become "greener" everyday. In general, industrial cleaning equipment is built to aggressively clean products without leaving behind a large carbon footprint. Vapor degreasers offer a multitude of environmental benefits, but there are three key benefits, including:

  • Self-Contained - resulting in a decrease of the operators' exposure to chemical fumes
  • Steam-Cleaning Process - allows solvents to be kept cleaner to be used again, reducing the amount of solvent waste
  • Long Lifespan - less raw material is needed to create replacements
Vapor degreasers from Baron Blakeslee have all of these features, and more. For over 75 years, Baron Blakeslee has brought you industrial cleaning equipment to service a variety of industries, from aerospace to automotive. Find out more about their vapor degreasing systems by going to their vapor degreaser webpage, or by calling them at 855.793.5173.