Baron Blakeslee has designed the Lab Koat series coater to provide you with a superior medical coating.?? It is a tabletop precision coating deposition systems.?? It works by boiling and circulating the solution and then has coiling coils to create a consistent and efficient application of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which some people refer to as teflon, on the medical device.?? The device is then slowly removed to ensure the coating does not evaporate and receives an even coating.?? This coating system is also designed to most often work with MicroCare Medical???s Duraglide lubricant.?? This lubricant is specially designed to create an even consistency and help for greater effectiveness of the medical coating. This allows the medical device to actuate more effectively.?? Each element of this coater is specifically designed to increase efficiency and provide you with a medical coating second-to-none.?? This system is perfect for any type of medical coating, including dental coating.?? No other coating systems are able to provide you with a medical coating that remains consistent over the entire surface of the device as well as the Lab Koat series coater.