I. Vibra Degreaser

Basic Description: The work is manually or automatically transferred at a specified/ regulated amount into the load chute. The work slides down the load chute into a Vibrating immersion bath for an initial cleaning cycle. The work then rises on a Vibrating spiral elevator track through a counter-flowing rinse of clean solvent distillate, through a heated vapor rinse section, and finally through the freeboard section for drying. Cleaning is accomplished by the combination of Vibration and flowing solvent. Controlled feeding and unloading permit removal of excess chips and contaminates such as oil and cutting solutions.

Applications and Advantages: The Vibra allows efficient cleaning of nuts, bolts, rivets, nails, fasteners, bearings, small stampings, small castings, and many other objects. The spiral elevator eliminates use of baskets, fixtures, pans, etc. and can easily be adapted to a fully automated cleaning system. Minimum floor space is required; spiral elevator allows for floor space savings up to 75% over other types of cleaning equipment.


The solvent in the boil chamber of the Vibra is heated by electric immersion heaters. Heat input causes the solvent to boil and vaporize. As heating continues, the vapor level rises until it reaches the primary condenser area.

The primary condensers are of Type 304 stainless steel finned construction, cooled by a flow of customer supplied water. These cooling coils cause the heated solvent vapors to condensate to a liquid. In the event there is a failure in the water supply, the Vibra is equipped with a water flow switch and a vapor level control thermostat, which are electrically operated and capable of interrupting the electrical circuit to the heater controls. This shuts off the heat, thereby causing the solvent vapors to subside.

The condensate is captured by a stainless steel trough, which encircles the inside of the tank. This condensate is piped through the side of the tank and into an external auxiliary tank called the water separator. The stainless steel water separator is designed so that it will efficiently separate gross water from the solvent. This separation is achieved by the marked difference in specific gravity between the water and solvent.

The distilled solvent condensate is then piped from the water separator and returned into the degreaser tank. By a series of valves, this clean distilled condensate may be directed to either the spiral track to wash the parts as they come up the track or into the bottom- Vibrating pan to continuously dilute the solvent in the pan. This solvent in turn overflows the bottom pan to spill into the boil chamber to complete the solvent cycle.


Tank: Main Vibra degreaser tank is fabricated of Type 304 solid stainless steel; this includes all tankage in contact with solvent and freeboard area. Tank is adequately reinforced with mild steel external structural???s to provide a structurally sound unit to support spiral elevator, Vibration effect and solvent capacity. Solvent Piping: Type 304 stainless steel with stainless steel valves, welded/flanged to eliminate possible pipe joint leaks.


The internal spiral is fabricated using stainless steel tracks attached in a helical design to a common center tube. This tube is attached to a base plate with dual motors mounted at an angle to impart Vibration to the helix.The motors, base plate, tube, and helix are suspended inside the Vibra tank body on a stainless steel frame attached to the tank body using Vibration isolation mounts. Thus the Vibration effect caused by the motors is imparted to the suspended spiral causing the work to move up the tracks at a specified rate of speed.

The motors have adjustments to regulate this speed as well as adjustments to set the angle of amplitude, which controls how much Vibration the parts are exposed to. Removable hood is included to enclose the spiral assembly and shield degreaser tank opening.


Electric Equipment: The heat in the boiling chamber is supplied by Incoloy electric immersion heaters mounted on a removable stainless steel door. Heaters are controlled by on/off switch with various control thermostats/low level controls, wired in series to the heater contactor(s).


BF Freeboard Chiller System (operating temperature range of 0??F to -20??F) including stainless steel freeboard chiller coils, trough, and water separator. This unit is water-cooled for indoor use only and includes all necessary controls. Unit is designed for new environmentally compliant refrigerant.


The vapor area of the Vibra degreaser can be provided with an electric heated hot oil system that will produce a super heated vapor zone over boil sump if desired. This option will reduce solvent carryout by flashing off residual solvent from the parts as they travel through a vapor zone heated to a minimum of 20??F above the solvent boil point. Primary condensers will be upsized to accommodate additional heat input to maintain stable vapor line. Optional steam heated system available if steam supply pressure is sufficient.

  • Load chute fabricated of stainless steel
  • Unload chute fabricated of stainless steel
  • Water temperature flow control equipment
Equipment monitoring controls:
  • low liquid level control
  • liquid high temperature controlvapor level control
  • condenser water upper limit thermostat
  • vapor-up thermostat
  • dial thermometer mounted in boil sump
  • water flow switch