Vapor degreasers come in handy if you are looking to keep parts, equipment, and any manufacturing instruments contaminant free.?? Vapor degreasing is a process where solvents are boiled and turned into vapor in which the solvents will dissolve the contaminants on your equipment and remove them by dripping off the part.?? It involves solvents in vapor form to clean your equipment so it is contaminant-free for future use.?? Baron Blakeslee???s experience in the solvent vapor cleaning industry ensures that we manufacture ??? and custom-design ??? the optimal solvent vapor cleaning system for your needs and business.?? Serving many different industries including, aerospace, medical, tube cleaning, electronics, and metal finishing, Baron Blakeslee has a vapor degreaser for your needs.?? If the vapor degreasers we currently feature does not meet your needs, we can absolutely create custom designed vapor degreasers for your business.


Lab Koat Series ??? Tabletop coating system for deposition of??PTFE dispersion and silicone coatings.?? Integrated programmable material handling & custom sizes available. ??Explosion Proof (Class 1, Division 1 Compliant) models available for coatings using isopropyl alcohol carrier fluids. Lab Kleen Series ??? Another table top vapor degreaser which is available in 2 models; single & dual immersion sumps, with or without ultrasonics.?? This system consists of electrical heating, refrigerated cooling and all of the necessary safety controls you need. M-Line Precision Equipment ??? One of the world???s best selling vapor degreasers!?? Baron Blakeslee offers 3 different models of this popular degreaser which are each available in 5 different sizes. ??Custom configurations available. Z Series Industrial Degreasers ??? The Z Series vapor degreaser is a standard vapor/spray solvent degreaser available in a range of sizes and capacities.?? Optional immersion, ultrasonic, and multi-sump designs, as well as custom configurations available. ??No size too large. Vibra Degreasers ??? Do you need to clean chips, nuts, bolts, rivets and other small objects? ??Are you involved in high value metals recycling? ??You need the Vibra Degreaser which specializes in cleaning Titanium, Hastelloy, and Zirconium. Inline Solvent Defluxers ??? Unlike other inline cleaners, the Aeterna Solvent Inline Defluxer provides a very high throughput, high precision defluxing process while requiring minimal floor space. ??The Aeterna is capable of cleaning beneath the lowest standoff heights of the new microelectronic packaging strategies, and removing difficult to clean fluxes & pastes. Custom Designed Equipment ??? We can customize any vapor degreaser to meet your needs.?? Our in-house engineering team is equipped to design and manufacture any type of cleaning equipment you require.????Call or visit our website today to request more information!