If you work in the oil or fracking industry, you know how high-value and sensitive your equipment is and how difficult it can be to keep clean. If your technology is not well-maintained, oil drilling and exploration is not as efficient, which will cut into your profits. You may have tried the standard cleaning methods with varying success, but have you ever considered oil equipment cleaning by vapor degreasing?

Baron Blakeslee is a top manufacturer of high-power industrial degreasers that can be used to clean oil and fracking equipment. Some of the specific ways vapor degreasing can benefit your equipment include:

  • Cleaning Oil Drilling Equipment
Oil rig equipment cleaning is an absolute must in order to maintain a consistent flow of fluids through the tubing. Drilling equipment is lined with rubber, and in order for the rubber to bond strongly to the metal interior of the pipes, all surfaces must be kept very clean. Vapor degreasing is the simple solution that can accomplish this.
  • Cleaning Oil Exploration Equipment
Oil exploration equipment is exposed to high temperatures underground. Because of these conditions, high-lead solder is used in all electronic equipment, and can leave a difficult-to-clean flux behind. Vapor degreasing can be used to remove this flux quickly and effectively.

Baron Blakeslee is a leading manufacturer of vapor degreasing equipment of all kinds. We carry the highest quality vapor degreasers available that meet a variety of functions, such as our M-Series and Z-Series industrial degreasers.?? We can also design and manufacture a custom vapor degreaser that meets your every oil field cleaning requirement.

Don???t delay to give your industrial machinery the quality cleaning it deserves. Call Baron Blakeslee now for more helpful information about our products.