M Series Vapor Degreaser

??? Control Panel: Operator Interface, System Controls, Temperature Display, Alarm Lights. ??? Sliding Cover: Covers Degreaser Opening When In Idle Modes. Sliding Cover Is A NESHAP Compliant Feature & Reduces Solvent Losses During Opening & Closing. ??? Manual Spray Wand: Allows The Operator To Direct The Flow Of Distilled Solvent On To Specific Part Areas For Greater Cleaning Performance & Flexibility. ??? Freeboard: Area Above The Uppermost Set Of Refrigeration Coils. Minimum 100% Freeboard Ratio Is A Standard & NESHAP Compliant Feature. Isolates Solvent Vapor From Air, Minimizes Emissions. ??? -20OF Sub-Zero Freeboard Refrigeration Coils: R-404a Refrigeration System Creates A Heavy, Dense Blanket Of Sub-zero Air Above The Solvent Vapor, Minimizing Diffusion & Emissions. Standard & NESHAP Compliant Feature. Includes Hot Gas Bypass Automatic Defrost Feature. ??? 45OF Primary Condensing Refrigeration Coils: R-134a Refrigerated Primary Condensing System. Condenses Vaporized Solvent Into Liquid On Stainless Steel Evaporator Coils Located Inside The Vapor Degreaser. Condensate Falls Into A Trough Below The Coils And Is Routed To The Water Separator, Which Overflows Into The Distillate Receiver, Which Overflows To The Immersion Sump, Which Overflows To The Boil Sump. Such Is The Solvent Cycle In The Degreaser. ??? Water Separator: Gravity Type Water Separator That Allows The Operator To Remove Liquid Water From The Degreaser. Water Is Less Dense Than The Solvent And Floats To The Top, Where It May Be Drained Out Through A Valve. Desiccant May Be Added For Use With Solvents Having Alcohols In Their Formulation To Prevent The Water From Extracting The Alcohol. ??? Filter: Removes Insoluble Particulate From The Solvent. ??? Distillate Receiver And Spray Pump: Receiver Tank Collects Distilled Solvent Overflowing From The Water Separator. Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump Transfers The Distillate To The Manual Spray Wand. ??? Drain Valve: Each Location In The Degreaser Holding Liquid Solvent Features A Ball Valve Drain. ??? Ultrasonics: An Optional Feature That Adds Mechanical Energy To The Cleaning Process In The Form Of Ultrasonic Cavitation Which Provides A Scrubbing Action To Remove Contaminants From Complex Surfaces Or Blind Holes. Ultrasonics Are Available In Various Frequencies To Address A Wide Array Of Applications. ??? Heaters: Provide The Energy To Boil The Degreasing Solvent. Can Be Electric Or Steam, In A Variety Of Voltages. ??? Boil Sump: Where Heaters Boil The Solvent To Generate Vapor. ??? Vapor Zone: Where Solvent Vapor, Held In Tension Beneath The Evaporator Coils Of The Primary Condensing Refrigeration System Condenses On Part Surfaces Colder Than The Boiling Point Of The Cleaning Solvent. Where ???vapor Degreasing??? Takes Place. Condensing Solvent Is Of The Highest Purity. ??? Refrigeration Enclosure: Houses The R-134a Primary Condensing System & The R-404a Sub-zero Freeboard Refrigeration System. Condensing Units May Be Air Or Water Cooled, And Can Be Remote Mounted. ??? Operating & Safety Info: Placard Containing Operating Instructions & Safety Information