equinox2Baron Blakeslee, one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of industrial cleaning equipment, is excited to announce the addition of Equinox, a Benchtop Degreaser, to their lineup of powerful degreasing equipment. Equinox was developed specifically for Honeywell’s Solstice® Performance Fluid (PF), which is their latest advancement in solvent technology.

Boasting an impressive low-global-warming potential of 1, Solstice® also has negligible ozone depletion, does not contribute to ground-level smog and is not a volatile organic compound (VOC) as determined by the U.S. EPA. This powerful, highly effective cleaning solution is the perfect pairing for Equinox.

Introducing Equinox

Equinox is a fully featured benchtop vapor degreasing system with a unique design made specifically for efficient and effective use of PF. It provides a solvent-efficient benchtop equipment solution for former AK-225 users. AK-225 is an HCFC degreasing solvent that has been prohibited for most uses by the Clean Air Act under the Montreal Protocol as of January 1st. In many cases, PF is an ideal replacement for AK-225, and Equinox provides an affordable, efficient means to use this new, more environmentally-friendly solvent.

Equinox is also available with optional process-enhancing features such as ultrasonic spray, which is able to enhance the cleaning of an immersed part, integrated material handling and automatic sliding cover, depending on your needs.

If you already love Equinox, Baron Blakeslee is also excited to announce that the Equinox II will be available soon. The Equinox II will be a larger, floor standing version with a bigger tank.

To find out more about Equinox, Solstice® and all the other vapor degreasing products that Baron Blakeslee offers, call us today!