equinox2 - smallIn NASA???s ???HCFC-225 Solvent Replacement Project,??? Honeywell???s Solstice?? PF was named as the preferred cleaning solvent for cleaning oxygen components for propulsion systems. Baron Blakeslee offers a variety of cleaning equipment and recycling systems designed for use with Honeywell???s Solstice?? PF. ??The Rocket Propulsion Test (RPT) Program was a two year project to find replacement solvents after Title VI of the Clean Air Act (which bans manufacture/import and EPA prohibited use of non-recycled AK-225 except for material in inventory prior to Jan 1, 2015) was enacted.

The project was an exhaustive market search for possible candidates in an attempt to identify a final solvent recommendation that could be used under these new guidelines. To do this, the Honeywell Solstice?? PF and other solvents were put though rigorous testing. Some of these tests included quick screen solvency with saturation and odor studies, metals compatibility, non-metals compatibility, extended oxygen compatibility tests, cleaning effectiveness and component-level cleaning and implementation assessments, among many others.

Honeywell Solstice?? Performance Fluid (PF) was found to be the primary final selection for a replacement cleaning solvent for cleaning oxygen components for propulsion systems for its many beneficial properties, such as low cost, effectiveness and ability to be repurposed as a liquid blowing agent (LBA) in addition to other uses.

Through a series of product demonstrations by technical and business representatives from Honeywell, NASA???s ???Final Outbrief??? stated, ???Honeywell has demonstrated excellent commitment to support NASA adoption of their product.???

For more information about NASA???s findings, its adoption of Honeywell Solstice?? PF, and the equipment provided by Baron Blakeslee for this unique solvent, please email sales@baronblakeslee.net