lip exhaustInstalling Lip Exhaust Systems on degreasers is a great way to reduce operator exposure to nPB (n-propyl bromide) and allow for continued use of this effective and affordable vapor degreasing solvent.??Lip exhausts are available as optional features on new equipment offered by Baron Blakeslee, but they can also be retrofitted to our existing degreasers.


Lip Exhaust Packages

No matter what type of degreaser you use, Baron Blakeslee offers many different configurations, options, and control strategies for Lip Exhaust Systems to meet your needs.


The base ???Lip Exhaust Package??? includes the following features and benefits:

  • Stainless steel lip exhaust
  • Integrated plenum
  • Exhaust blower with a variable frequency drive system
  • Stainless steel ductwork

Optional Motorized Covers are available with Lip Exhaust Packages.


Exhaust Station Packages

In addition to lip exhaust retrofitting, Baron Blakeslee can offer ???Exhaust Stations??? which integrate with material handling systems as a means to control solvent emissions and operator exposure. Parts baskets are placed in the Exhaust Stations after degreasing operations to allow stray solvent vapors to be captured and exhausted.


Lip Exhausts & Exhaust Stations can be used with Baron Blakeslee???s Carbon Adsorption Systems (sacrificial systems for nPB), too! Click here to find out more:?? Installation Options Baron Blakeslee can provide kits that you can install yourself, or receive a quote for optional installation onsite by our expert Baron Blakeslee Service Technicians. You can also send your degreaser to Baron Blakeslee???s Factory for Lip Exhaust installation per our Refurbishing program:??


No matter what your degreasing needs, Baron Blakeslee has you covered! Call one of our friendly, knowledgeable professionals today to learn more about any of our comprehensive services and options.