duo-solvent4As the newest product in the Baron-Blakeslee line of vapor degreasers, Duo Solvent offers an environmentally friendly, completely waterless process for part cleansing. The system utilizes a 3-step process to achieve high-performing, sustainable and cost-effective results.

Duo Solvent works to combat challenges arising in the electronics cleaning industry from smaller packaging, lower standoff heights and finer pitch evident in modern microelectronic designs. Less costly, more rapid and quieter than traditional aqueous cleansings processes, Duo Solvent offers an overall more satisfactory experience.

The 3-Step Process

  1. Parts are soaked in a Duo Solvent tank filled with a ???solvating agent.??? Solvating agents are organic hydrocarbon chemistries specifically selected to remove soils.
  2. Parts are then rinses in a conventional degreaser filled with a fluorocarbon vapor degreasing solvent that acts as a rinsing agent ??? minimizing re-deposition of soils.
  3. After rinsing, the parts are placed inside the vapor zone to be efficient dried ??? without the need of pumps or blowers.
Duo Solvent offers many unique benefits as a vapor degreasing system including high compatibility with plastics and sensitive substrates, a high soil loading capacity that allows for less frequent solvating agent disposal and potential for enhanced rinsing of parts.

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