Baron Blakeslee is now offering Factory Certified, Pre-Owned vapor degreasing systems. As a company with an 80+ year history who specializes in vapor degreasing equipment, it makes sense to purchase a pre-owned BB degreaser from us, the original manufacturer!

All equipment has passed BB???s rigorous certification process, and multi-point inspection to verify conformity to Factory specifications.  Only degreasers that pass our thorough inspection become BB CPO degreasers. Because we built it, we???re the best people to test and certify the equipment!

Why Choose Us

While other vendors in the ???used degreaser market??? generally know nothing about the equipment they???re selling or the process behind it, Baron Blakeslee has all of the knowledge and experience to support both the equipment and the process! With our Factory Certified, Pre-Owned vapor degreasing systems, we offer:

??  30-day warranty (with extended warranty packages available)

??  Full support from BB???s technical & engineering resources

??  Assistance with the cleaning process and operating and maintaining vapor degreasers

??  Optional work baskets, spare parts packages, material handling systems, solvent recycling distillation systems, etc.

BB frequently receives calls from unhappy individuals who have purchased a ???used degreaser??? from a reseller that is unable and/or unwilling to support it.  In most cases, the resellers appear to know absolutely nothing about the cleaning process or the basic practices of operating and maintaining vapor degreasers.  In our experience, when a ???used degreaser??? is bought from a reseller, the customer is absolutely on their own and ends up calling BB for the support and assistance they should have received in the first place!

Let us make your used degreaser purchasing process simple. When you see a Factory Certified, Pre-Owned vapor degreaser offered on BB???s Inventory Page you can feel confident in knowing that all technical specifications are accurately represented.