American Made

When you’re looking to for the best solution to obtain maximum cleaning, you want an airless vacuum vapor degreaser from Baron Blakeslee. As an American-made and American-serviced vapor degreaser company, you can rest assured that we offer the best when it comes to industrial cleaning equipment.

Our airless vacuum degreasing technology provides superior cleaning with maximum efficiency and minimal impact to the operator and the environment, so you can trust that your choice in our equipment will truly be a great investment. And, unlike every other vacuum degreaser on the market, all of our Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless vacuum vapor degreasing systems are 100% designed, built, and supported in the USA. Your vapor degreaser will continue to return on your investment with shorter and more affordable service times from local support that you won’t find with any other product or company currently available.

Since 1920, Baron Blakeslee has sold and serviced over 10,000 machines to satisfied and loyal customers. Not only do we offer immediate technical support, but our onsite field response is 2-3 days, ensuring that your machine has minimal downtime and continues to run for as long as your continue to use it. We keep replacement parts in stock to guarantee quick turnarounds on service, and even offer support for very old machines built by Baron Blakeslee, Detrex, or FARR.

Each of our machines are specially designed for efficiency and high-performance, including full automation, increased capacity, reduced maintenance, solvent capability, and environmentally-friendly processing, which means you’ll be able to save significantly on your energy output. Best of all, all of our machines exceed EPA and OSHA regulations, so you never have to worry about maintaining a healthy environment for workers or your business.

So, when you’re ready to add a vacuum vapor degreaser to your stock of industrial cleaning equipment, trust the only American-made, American-serviced experts. Contact the friendly team at Baron Blakeslee to learn more about why a Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless vacuum vapor degreasing system is the right choice when it comes to your business.