Why You Need Rotating Basket Material Handling

Vapor degreasing is a great way to clean parts, offering advantages of performance, efficiency, safety & economy.  However, some types of parts may not be suitable for processing in a vapor degreaser without the use of special handling methods.  Parts that have blind holes, ID threads, complex geometries, or small parts that must be cleaned en masse, may present challenges in regard to solvent drainage & drying.  


To keep vapor degreasing processes economical, and safe for operator & environment, ???dragout??? must be controlled.  Dragout is the term for unrecovered liquid solvent that may exit a vapor degreasing process on part surfaces.  Dragout solvent emissions translate to higher than necessary operating costs and impact to operator and environment.  There are many means to control dragout such as proper process design, part racking, superheat, etc, but with certain part geometries, the only way to properly process parts in a vapor degreaser is with rotation.  

Custom Handling Systems

Baron Blakeslee offers a variety of standard and custom rotating basket material handling systems that can add rotational processing to both new and existing degreasers.  Our standard PCHR Hoist  is one such rotating basket material handling system, available in a range of sizes and configurations.  Rotating basket material handling systems are available with removable baskets and fixtures to facilitate loading & unloading of parts.  Custom systems are available where baskets may be queued on accumulation conveyors for automatic transfer & rotational processing.  

Hoists and Attachments

Special hybrid style hoists are available with removable attachments to allow both static and rotational processing of parts.  Baron Blakeslee also offers special Crossrod degreasers which are totally enclosed, and can offer rotational processing of up to 60 baskets per hour!  Our Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers are also available with rotational processing to handle the most challenging cleaning & drying requirements.  

Removable Static Basket Attachment

Baron Blakeslee???s rotation basket material handling systems can allow the advantages of the vapor degreasing process to be used in applications where part geometry or load density would otherwise be impossible.  Please contact Baron Blakeslee today to learn more.