Solvent debinding is a critical step in metal injection molding and is also used in other applications, such as to remove binders from metal 3D printed parts prior to sintering. While conventional vapor degreasers get the job done, for high volume applications the Baron Blakeslee Serec process is a superior option.

Ours is the only airless close-looped system available. Dr. Erik Finger, formerly of the Baron Blakeslee Serec and now working as a consultant, explained the reason the airless system is a better option. He wrote,

???A closed-loop system other than an airless system consists of an air-solvent interface throughout the system. In an air-solvent mixture you have a Vapor Vapor Liquid Equilibrium (VVLE) consisting of air, solvent vapor, and solvent liquid. With the introduction of air, the thermodynamic properties become more complex to estimate, the 2 machine design becomes more indecisive, machine emissions increase and the process becomes more difficult to control.???

???In a Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless??? closed loop system, as previously mentioned, air does not come in contact with the solvent. Air is removed from the system with the use of a vacuum package. Vacuum values of one torr or less are achieved for a removal of 99.97%. Without the presence of air in the system, full control of the temperatures and pressures are attained since only a pure substance (solvent) is present during processing. Temperatures and pressures are monitored and controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC), so no monitoring or adjustments are required by the operator. Vapor concentrations and emission estimates are easily calculated. Troubleshooting and performance testing are simpler as well. Also, if no moisture is present, HCl cannot form. Based on our experience with water free solvent, Serec has successfully fabricate d the majority of its units using carbon steel as the material of construction. This air free, corrosion free, full control closed loop system is what makes a Serec system unique.???

For a faster, more efficient debinding process that produces better results than conventional methods, our airless solvent debinding will provide the results you want for all of your applications. Our debinding machines have the following control options:

  • Vapor degreasing/debinding
  • Warm stagnant soak
  • Warm recirculating soak at variable circulation speeds
  • Ambient stagnant solvent cleaning soak
  • Ambient recirculating clean soak at variable circulation speeds
  • Superheat

As noted by Dr. Finger, ???Vapor degreasing/debinding Vapor degreasing/debinding is a necessary step for the operation of the Baron Blakeslee Serec system. In a BBS system, air is first removed from the cleaning chamber where the parts to be cleaned have been placed. Once the air is removed, pure clean vapors are introduced into the cleaning chamber.???

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