Baron Blakeslee has always offered a variety of standard vapor degreasing and cleaning systems, which provide our customers fast delivery and affordable pricing.  However, not every cleaning application can be addressed by a standard model.  Baron Blakeslee has a well staffed, experienced, Engineering Team that can design a cleaning system to suit any requirement.  Our Factory can build any type of cleaning system that our customers??? unique applications may demand.  Baron Blakeslee has built custom equipment ranging in size from over 100 feet in length, down to tiny systems that can fit on a desktop.  Custom material handling is our specialty.  Another unique feature of Baron Blakeslee is our ability and willingness to modify our standard equipment to address our customer???s particular needs while still providing an affordable product and prompt delivery.  For example, our M Series Vapor Degreasers are a complete line of standard products, and yet, we often modify M Series degreasers to help our customers find exactly what they need.  Modification of our standard products may involve ???stretching??? the tank dimensions of a smaller machine to fit a customer???s basket size, allowing them to buy a modified version of a smaller standard degreaser, without having to spend the additional money to buy the next larger standard model just to fit their basket.  Also, we can add features to standard M Series models like filtration or ultrasonics in the boil chamber, superheat, steam heat, water cooling, etc.  The same is true of Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasing Systems, which are available as standard & custom models, but are also available as slight variations on standard models.  Other companies who offer standard vapor degreasing systems may not have the engineering resources, or production capabilities, or the willingness to modify standard product they offer, but Baron Blakeslee does.  If a cleaning requirement demands something different, that is not offered elsewhere, Baron Blakeslee can and will assist our clients in finding the exact solution that their unique cleaning requirement demands.