Baronette vapor degreaser

Historically, the Baronette was a Baron Blakeslee degreaser based on a 55 gallon drum that connected to a garden hose, and plugged into a standard household outlet.  The original Baronette was designed to be a small, affordable, entry level vapor degreasing system, and it found wide acceptance in the industry, introducing the benefits of vapor degreasing to a lot of new users.

Baron Blakeslee's New Baronette Vapor Degreasers

The new Baronette is much more modern & efficient than the old model, but the philosophy of the product remains the same: a small affordable degreaser, made in America, that offers a lot of features & value.

Baronettes are available for sale NOW, and are generally in stock.

  • The new Baronette is designed for use with fluorinated solvent blends, and n-propyl bromide (nPB) too.
  • The new Baronette is a standard model immersion vapor degreaser, that includes 10 micron filtration, 40 kHz ultrasonics (90 watts per gallon), and a single axis programmable Lift (with four user defined cleaning recipes) as standard features.
  • The Baronette has an offset boil sump which prevents parts from being dipped in dirty solvent, which is a precision cleaning feature.  
  • The only available option is a work basket, with dimensions of 11???L x 7???W x 3???H.  The process tank, and vapor zone dimensions of the Baronette are 14???L x 10???W x 8???H.
  • The Baronette holds eight gallons of solvent, and operates on a standard 120/1/60 VAC, 20 amp, electrical power source.

A brand new Baronette, made in the USA, with a work basket is priced under $20,000.00, FOB Factory.