Serec Airless vacuum vapor degreasers

There are many reasons to choose cutting-edge Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless vacuum vapor degreasers for your parts cleaning processes. For one, these American-made products have revolutionized vapor degreasing and created a system that promises superior performance while requiring fewer resources. Designed to thoroughly clean a variety of materials without the use of water, Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless vacuum vapor degreasers are more capable, flexible, and higher quality than previous conventional technology. 

But did you know that through their efficiency, these systems also promise a number of environmental and operational benefits? As a leading name in innovation, Baron Blakeslee Serec offers several Airless vacuum vapor degreasers to lead the way in resource conservation and emissions reduction, which helps businesses fulfill their commitments to their community and to the planet.

Airless Vapor Degreasers Allow for the Lowest Emissions Possible

When you invest in one of Baron Blakeslee Serec???s Airless vacuum vapor degreasers, you???re getting superior technology that removes grease, wax, oil, and particulate without the use of water. 

Thanks to our revolutionary vacuum technology, there is no air present in the system to act as a barrier between substrate and solvent, so the solvent can penetrate thoroughly and offer an exceptional clean. After the cleaning, the solvent evaporates and is recovered for distillation and reuse. 

Since the solvent never mixes with air in this closed-loop system, you can get a superior clean with the lowest emissions technically possible. 

They Simplify Compliance With Environmental Regulations

Baron Blakeslee Serec???s Airless vacuum vapor degreasers were first developed in response to the 1990 Clean Air Act. Because our Airless vacuum designs ensure near zero emissions, you???ll have the added benefit of a reduction in regulatory reporting and permitting. Additionally, Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless vacuum vapor degreasers have been recognized by federal, state, and local air regulatory offices, such as LAER/BACT. 

Our Airless equipment exceeds all EPA and OSHA regulations for a safe environment, and all Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless vacuum vapor degreasers are NESHAP compliant. Keep in mind that you may need a permit to operate Airless vapor degreasers. Check with your local air quality authority to become familiar with applicable regulations. 

Vacuum Vapor Degreasers Offer Solvent Recovery and Lowered Energy Costs 

Another benefit of choosing Airless vacuum vapor degreasers is that they offer 99.9% recovery of vapor and liquid solvents, cutting down on the materials you need to purchase for cleaning. Additionally, these efficient systems result in low energy consumption, save money for your operation, and are easy to maintain, so you don???t have the added expense of labor costs. 

Interested to learn more about Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless vacuum vapor degreasers and how they can help improve your cleaning process and keep your operations environmentally friendly? Reach out to Baron Blakeslee Serec to speak with a knowledgeable representative ??? simply call or fill out the online contact form today!