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The modern, new Baronette offers superior efficiency while retaining its smaller scale and affordablility at below $20,000. This American-made precision-cleaning immersion vapor degreaser, with eight-gallon solvent capacity, is an exceptional value that is full of features such as a single axis prog...

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Baron Blakeslee has always offered a variety of standard vapor degreasing and cleaning systems, which provide our customers fast delivery and affordable pricing.  However, not every cleaning application can be addressed by a standard model.  Baron Blakeslee has a well staffed, experienced,...

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Baron Blakeslee, one of the leading producers of vapor degreasing systems in the world will be attending the attending the SMTA Expo on Wednesday, October 9, 2013.?? Manufacturing solvent vapor degreasing systems, solvent recovery distillation systems, and aqueous & semi-aqueous cleaning systems...

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I. Vibra Degreaser Basic Description: The work is manually or automatically transferred at a specified/ regulated amount into the load chute. The work slides down the load chute into a Vibrating immersion bath for an initial cleaning cycle. The work then rises on a Vibrating spiral elevator track...

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Industrial professionals everywhere are becoming environmentally conscious. Vapor degreasing systems continue to become "greener" everyday. In general, industrial cleaning equipment is built to aggressively clean products without leaving behind a large carbon footprint. Vapor degreasers offer a mult...

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