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Every vapor degreaser has a water separator, or should have one if it is properly designed.  Vapor degreasers use cooling systems to condense and confine solvent vapors, keeping the solvent inside the degreaser and purifying it through the process of distillation.  All of the solvent withi...

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Baron Blakeslee has always offered a variety of standard vapor degreasing and cleaning systems, which provide our customers fast delivery and affordable pricing.  However, not every cleaning application can be addressed by a standard model.  Baron Blakeslee has a well staffed, experienced,...

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Baron Blakeslee is now offering Factory Certified, Pre-Owned vapor degreasing systems. As a company with an 80+ year history who specializes in vapor degreasing equipment, it makes sense to purchase a pre-owned BB degreaser from us, the original manufacturer! All equipment has passed BB’s...

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• Control Panel: Operator Interface, System Controls, Temperature Display, Alarm Lights. • Sliding Cover: Covers Degreaser Opening When In Idle Modes. Sliding Cover Is A NESHAP Compliant Feature & Reduces Solvent Losses During Opening & Closing. • Manual Spray Wand: Allows The Operator To Di...

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