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Advanced coating systems designed and manufactured by Baron Blakeslee provide consistency, control and repeatability to a coating process.

All of the coating systems made by Baron Blakeslee are designed with quality, efficiency and the environment in mind. To leave behind the smallest carbon footprint is one of the goals of the unique coating systems designs. The Lab Koat can apply polytetrefluoroethylene or silicone coatings to medical or dental devices with ease. Meanwhile, Baron Blakeslee also offers coaters designed to accommodate halogenated hydrocarbon or flammable hydrocarbon carrier fluids.

The company also produces electronic coaters that apply a thin, even layer of fluorocarbon solvent soluble polymer conformal coating. A circuit board coated by the electronic coater lasts longer and is less subject to detrimental environmental factors. This coater also features a refrigeration component to minimize evaporation and an ultra low speed hoist to further ensure a consistent coating.

Custom coaters are available upon request, and are designed to meet the needs of the parts that will require coating applications. Specialized material handling is designed to fit unusual geometric angles and/or packaging, as well as objects that only need partial coating.

The Baron Blakeslee coating systems aim to confine, conserve and recycle expensive carrier fluids to minimize costs. Environmentally friendly, the protective coating systems keep the coating solutions mixed and provide material handling solutions for accurate and repeatable coating deposition processes.

Lab Koat Series Coating System

Lab Koat Series Coating System

The Lab-Koat is a tabletop precision complete coating system. Designed for consistent and efficient application of PTFE dispersion and silicone coatings.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Closed loop design virtually eliminates emissions
Lab Koat IPA

Lab Koat IPA

The Lab Koat IPA is designed to accommodate PTFE coatings that are formulated with an isopropyl alcohol (IPA) carrier fluid.

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