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The Modular Lift Washer (MLW) is one of Baron-Blakeslee's most popular and versatile types of industrial cleaning equipment.

Industrial Cleaning Systems

This all-in-one system designed for parts manufactured from metal and plastic cleans and removes chips and contaminants, prevents rust and dries the parts. Unlike many industrial cleaners, it's made specifically for parts that require immersion cleaning and cannot be rotated.


  • Full Stainless Steel Construction
  • Many Filtration Options Available
  • Optional Ultrasonics
  • Available Roller Bed Platforms
  • Load & Unload Stations Available In Various Configurations
  • Oil Coalescing & Removal Systems
  • Polypropylene Tank Liners For Corrosive Chemistries
  • UL Listed
  • PLC Control / Color Touchscreen MMI
  • Electric, Steam Or Gas Heat
  • Integrated Tank Lids
  • Automatic Horizontal Transfer
  • Reciprocating Agitation In Process Stages
  • Pneumatic, Hydraulic Or Mechanical Lift Mechanisms
  • Available Explosion Proof Construction
  • Unique Design Permits Any Number & Combination Of Process Stages
  • Aqueous & Semi-Aqueous Chemistries
  • Precision & Industrial Configurations
  • High Speed & Throughput
  • Flexible & Scalable Design: Modules May Be Added Later
  • Many Process Options
  • Customized Material Handling Options
  • Electric, Steam Or Gas Heat
  • Capable Of Processing Massive Part Loads

The part to be cleaned is immersed in solution and agitated to remove grease and contaminants. Like some of Baron-Blakeslee's other aqueous parts washers, the MLW is modular, so that extra process stages can be added as needed. The MLW line of industrial cleaning equipment can be completely sealed and operated by automation to guarantee that your workplace and employees are not exposed to pollutants. For more information on our modular lift washer, please contact Baron-Blakeslee today.

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Industrial Cleaning Equipment