The Terpenator


The Terpenator

The Terpenator has immense cleaning strength and is efficient for its size. Cleaning systems with the Terpenator's performance used to much larger, but with the Terpenator we created a complete tabletop precision cold cleaning system consisting of an air-operated circulation pump and filtration. Ideal for circuit board cleaning, dip cleaning, batch cleaning, organic solvent cleaning and a variety of other measures, the Terpenator features no direct source of ignition and is an exemplary machine for hydrocarbon solvents.

Terpenator 2

The Terpenator 2 is the free standing version of the standard Terpenator. The Terpenator 2 stands on the floor, as opposed to the bench top Terpenator, but both have the same features & benefits. The Terpenator 2 features more streamlined packaging, with a focus on aesthetics. The Terpenator 2 is available with a high flow pump package that features an air driven centrifugal pump as opposed to the air operated diaphragm pump that is standard on the Terpenator & Terpenator 2.

Ultrasonic Terpenator

The Terpenator family of products is available with optional ultrasonics, in a variety of frequencies. The Ultrasonic Terpenator may be used with a variety of combustible or flammable organic hydrocarbon solvents. The Ultrasonic Terpenator may be customized in respect to tank size, number of tanks, material handling, special filtration, interface to fire suppression equipment, etc. The Ultrasonic Terpenator feature explosion proof, intrinsically safe design, and is suitable for use in Class 1, Division 1 environments. The unit in the photo is shown with a remote mounted electrical enclosure, which would be located outside the Class 1, Division 1 environment, and is a cost saving feature, if the customer's facility can accommodate such a configuration. Otherwise, the Ultrasonic Terpenator may be configured with full Class 1, Division 1 compliant electrics for location of the complete unit within the Class 1, Division 1 environment.

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