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As a leader in the industrial parts washer industry,

Baron-Blakeslee has been relied upon to provide high-quality parts cleaning equipment compliant with local and federal environmental standards. While we originally only manufactured vapor degreasing equipment, we now produce several types of parts cleaning equipment for various industries. We serve the aerospace and medical industries, as well as producing tube cleaning equipment. Please read on to learn more about the products that we make, and what we can do for your business.

We design and manufacture a wide range of parts-cleaning products for clients throughout the aerospace industry. As many of these parts cannot be immersed in water, we use a vapor degreaser to remove pollutants from equipment like jet engine assemblies, rotors, landing gears, stators, fan blades, HPT blades, casings, vanes,and brake assemblies.

Baron-Blakeslee also works with a diverse group of clients throughout the medical industry, serving everyone from medical and dental equipment manufacturers to hospital staffs. Many of these devices are not electronic, but still require a rigorous deep cleaning - for this, we manufacture various types of aqueous parts washers and industrial cleaning equipment which will clean delicate tools like surgical scalpels, scrapers, carvers, and similar equipment. We also offer ultrasonic cleaners, which thoroughly but gently scrub all contaminants from a surface and its contours.

We also offer tube cleaning equipment for both aqueous & solvent technologies to address high volume requirements as well as environmental, health & safety objectives. Integrated material handling & solvent recycling / containment systems are also part of our tube cleaning systems.

Whether you work in the tubing, medical or aerospace industry, Baron-Blakeslee is the only industrial parts washer experts that you'll ever need. Please contact us for more information.

Aero Space


Baron-Blakeslee manufactures a variety of standard and custom-designed aerospace parts cleaning equipment.



Medical parts cleaning isn't a hassle when you trust your needs to Baron-Blakeslee. Originally known as vapor degreaser manufacturers, we also design a variety of precision industrial parts cleaning equipment.

Tube Cleaning

Tube Cleaning

Baron-Blakeslee produces a variety of tube cleaning equipment for a wide spectrum of industries.



Baron Blakeslee is the company to turn to for assistance with your material handling and electronics needs - standard or custom.

Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing

Baron Blakeslee is the industrial cleaning equipment company trusted by clients in the metal finishing industry.

Helicopter & Aircraft

Helicopter & Aircraft MRO

Baron Blakeslee manufactures a diverse line of vapors degreasers and other precision cleaning equipment that can be used in a wide variety of helicopter and aircraft maintenance applications.

Oil Equipment

Oil Industry

Baron Blakeslee has manufactured reliable, advanced precision-cleaning equipment for industrial applications for over 75 years.

Ball Bearing Cleaning Equipment

Ball Bearing

Are you involved in the bearing manufacturing industry and looking for the perfect solution for cleaning greasy bearings? If so, look no further. Baron Blakeslee has you covered with some of our most effective and reliable vapor cleaning systems.

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