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The semiconductor industry is a high-tech field that requires precision manufacturing, and Baron Blakeslee offers the innovative equipment needed to ensure that your operation runs seamlessly. By merging with Serec Corporation, we are able to offer an impressive selection of vapor degreaser equipment and other products designed to provide you with cleaner parts in a fraction of the time.

With a highly efficient vapor cleaning system, microscopic-level cleaning is possible for tools and parts that include:

  • Metal
  • Polished Bearing Surfaces
  • Silicon Wafers
  • Castings
  • PIM Parts

Industrial Parts Cleaning Equipment for the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductor manufacturing is one of the most-essential industries in the modern age, and our parts cleaning equipment can assist with upgrading the efficiency of your operation while minimizing waste and error. With the high-quality, expertly engineered industrial parts cleaning products from Baron Blakeslee, you’ll receive a manufacturing solution that offers:

  • Precision Cleaning: Cleaning parts in the semiconductor industry is an essential step that requires the use of high-tech technology, and our equipment allows for deep cleaning and sanitization down to the microscopic level.
  • Increased Efficiency: Instead of going through multiple processes to clean the parts needed in manufacturing, a vapor cleaning system allows for a one-stop process that assists with speeding up your operation.
  • Greater Cost Savings: After investing in vapor degreaser equipment, you’ll enjoy long-term savings with energy-efficient products, reduced downtime and error, and less employee overhead.
  • Versatile Functionality: As a leader in industrial parts cleaning and equipment manufacturing, we offer products that are engineered to handle the diverse needs of your application.

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Baron Blakeslee with Serec Corporation is at the cutting-edge of technology for developing equipment that is applicable across a wide range of global industries, and our semiconductor parts cleaning products are no exception. Learn more about our airless vapor degreaser equipment and other top-quality products by giving us a call, or request additional information and a free price quote by submitting our online form today.

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