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Baron-Blakeslee's ATH Dual Axis series is one of our material handling systems designed to aid in the use of a device from our large line of vapor degreasers.

ATH Series Dual Axis

This design is semi-automated and made to lock directly onto the top of our M-Line vapor degreaser series. The operator places the load into the carrier tray, begins the cleaning cycle, and removes the load from the tray upon the cycle's completion.

The following ATH Dual Axis hoist system is intended for the following M Series degreaser models:  MVR-215, MLR-120, MSR-120, MVR-444, MLR-216 & MSR-216.  The ATH Dual Axis hoist system has a 35lb capacity including the parts and the basket.

ATH Series Dual Axis

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  • Dual Axis Material Handling
  • Simple Cable Type Lift Design
  • Cantilevered Support Design
  • Simple Air Cylinder Horizontal Transfer
  • Design Eliminates Moving Parts Over The Cleaning System
  • Painted Mild Steel Structural Frame
  • Guides For Horizontal And Vertical Movement
  • Adjustable, Four Zone Cycle Dwell Times:
    • Boil Immersion
    • Rinse Immersion
    • Rinse Vapor
    • Rinse Freeboard
  • Recipe Optional
  • Separate Control Panel For Hoist Controls
  • Simple Relay Logic Controls
  • Affordable Two Axis Material Handling
  • Easy To Program, No Computer Required
  • Robust, Simple Construction
  • All Stainless Steel Construction In Solvent Wetted Areas
  • Integrates Seamlessly Onto Baron Blakeslee M Series Equipment
  • Does Not Increase System Footprint

This Hoist is a cantilevered type, two (2) axis material handling system. The transporter system consists of a cantilevered winch package system and support structure. Also included are a control box and remote emergency stop button. Operator loads basket on fixture and presses "cycle start". The fixture lowers the basket into boil sump and the cleaning cycle starts. The basket will then dwell for pre-set time in boil sump. After the dwell cycle is complete, the hoist raises the fixture and basket to the vapor zone and transfers horizontally, stopping above the rinse tank. The hoist then lowers the fixture and basket into the rinse sump and the rinse cycle dwell timer starts. After the rinse dwell cycle is complete, the hoist raises the fixture and basket and then dwells for pre-set times in vapor, and freeboard. Hoist will then raise the fixture and basket to full up and transfer left to load/unload position.

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