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The PCHR is a cantilevered dual axis programmable, rotating basket material handling system based on the standard Baron Blakeslee PCH Hoist Design.

PCHR Rotating Basket Hoist

The PCHR is available as a standard option on Baron Blakeslee degreasers, but may also be integrated to existing degreasers of any manufacture.

The unique design of the PCHR overcomes many of the limitations of conventional rotating basket hoist designs. Some rotating basket designs have massive structures to accommodate mechanical components. The PCHR design is intended to be of minimal mass. Some rotating basket designs use basket drive systems that increase solvent dragout. The PCHR features a unique telescoping driveshaft that minimizes solvent dragout. Some rotating basket systems are very tall due to drive design. The PCHR telescoping driveshaft also facilitates overall height reduction.

PCHR Rotating Basket Hoist

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  • Standard weight capacity: 75 lbs (PCHR-75 model). Custom basket sizes and weight capacities available.
  • Standard basket internal dimensions: 16"L x 10.5" ID.
  • Manual jog function allows basket rotation into optimum positions for loading / unloading.
  • Low speed, gentle rotation. < 10 RPM.
  • Two (2) adjustable speeds in each axis.
  • PLC control.
  • Color touchscreen HMI.
  • Joystick included for PLC based position self-learning capability.
  • Touchscreen adjustment of cycle dwell times
  • Simple cable lift type design.
  • Design minimizes moving parts over cleaning system.
  • Recipe capable.
  • Basket design, shape, surface finish, internal features and material of construction may be customized to suit any requirement.
  • Available Rotating Hexagonal Baskets, Or Cylindrical Baskets With Internal Radial Flights.
  • Basket includes full width hinged access door with spring latches.
  • Latches designed for one hand operation.
  • Basket lifting frame includes automatic mechanical basket lid locking feature to close lid before starting load sequence.
  • Epoxy coated structural steel frame.
  • Reduced overall height compared to conventional rotating basket designs.
  • Telescoping driveshaft and hoist masts minimize solvent dragout impact as compared to conventional rotating basket designs.
  • Dual axis material handling system.
  • Custom weight capacities available.
  • Many customization options.
  • Sophisticated program capabilities.
  • Robust, simple construction.
  • All stainless steel construction in solvent wetted areas.
  • May be integrated onto any vapor degreasing system, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Separate load and unload heights /positions available
  • Custom designs available to accommodate application specific racks or baskets within the rotating assembly.
  • Custom automatic basket load / unload + accumulation conveyor systems available.

The PCHR consists of a cantilevered cable lift system,and a structural frame assembly. It also includes a control panel, color touchscreen HMI, and emergency stop button.

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