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The SMH Single Axis is one of Baron-Blakeslee's most affordable material handling systems.

SMH Series Single Axis

The SMH Hoist is a simple, affordable, easy to maintain, material handling solution available on Baron Blakeslee M Series vapor degreasing systems. The operator places the load into the carrier tray, begins the cleaning cycle, and removes the load from the tray upon the cycle's completion.

SMH Series Single Axis

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The following SMH Single Axis hoist system is intended for the following M Series degreaser models:  MVR-215, MLR-120, MSR-120, MVR-444, MLR-216 & MSR-216.  The SMH Single Axis has a 10lb capacity including the parts and the basket.

  • Single Axis Material Handling
  • Simple Cable Type Lift Design
  • Cantilevered Support Design
  • Design Eliminates Moving Parts Over The Cleaning System
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Junction Box With Controls & Emergency Stop
  • Baron Blakeslee's Most Affordable Material Handling Solution
  • Simple, Single Axis, Cable Type Lift Design
  • Design Eliminates Moving Parts Over The Cleaning System
  • Consistent, Controlled Vertical Speed
  • Lifting Mechanism Located In The Freeboard Area With Guided Movement
  • Adjustable Vapor Cycle Dwell Time

The SMH is a single axis lift system consisting of a cable winch drive located on the maintenance (back) side of machine and a telescoping lift fixture inside the machine for raising and lowering the basket. Operator loads basket on fixture and presses "cycle start". The fixture lowers the basket into the vapor area and the cleaning cycle starts. The basket will then dwell for pre-set time. After the dwell cycle is complete, the hoist raises the fixture and basket to the freeboard load/unload zone and stops.

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