Vapor Degreasers for Precision Parts Cleaning

Production tubing, drill strings, downhole tools, and electronic controls, all require cleaning in the production process. The bonding of rubber to metal, the removal of solder flux from downhole electronic boards, or the removal of cutting fluids from machined parts are essential to the oil field industry. High-reliability equipment used in this industry can be effectively and quickly cleaned using Baron Blakeslee's vapor degreasers.
The interior of certain types of oil drilling equipment and drill tubes are lined with rubber to increase the flow of fluids through the piping. For the rubber to bond strongly to the metal interior, the metal must be extremely clean.
In addition, the electronics used for oil exploration can also benefit from vapor degreasing. Since oil exploration begins deep underground, temperatures are naturally higher and high lead solder (HMP) is used in all electronic equipment. The higher reflow leads to a flux that caramelizes and is difficult to remove. The process that removes caramelized flux most effectively is vapor degreasing.
Baron Blakeslee can meet the challenging requirements of the oil field and fracking industries. We carry a full line of vapor degreasers such as the M-Series and Z-Series industrial degreasers. Our highly skilled designers and engineers can also build a custom degreaser that meets your needs. All our vapor degreasing equipment is environmentally friendly and designed to provide years of reliable cleaning. Don't delay, call now, or visit our "Contact Us" page for more helpful information.

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