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As part of our continuing efforts towards becoming more environmentally friendly,

the engineering and design team of Baron-Blakeslee has developed a line of solvent recovery stills. Created as a solvent recycling measure, these stills are designed to quickly and efficiently reclaim high volumes of solvents used in vapor degreasing or precision cleaning equipment. Using a Baron-Blakeslee still alongside your vapor degreaser guarantees a longer useful life of your cleaning solvent and lessens your waste stream.

Solvent Cleaning Equipment

Baron-Blakeslee manufactures two lines of solvent cleaning equipment - M-Series Precision Stills and SC-Series Industrial Stills.

Please contact Baron-Blakeslee for more information on solvent recycling and solvent recovery equipment and pricing.

M-Line Precision

M-Line Precision

The M-Series precision stills feature an environmentally friendly closed-loop design that minimizes the possibility of emissions, and can be matched with the M-Series series of vapor degreasers.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Closed loop design virtually eliminates emissions
SC-Series Industrial

SC-Series Industrial

The SC-Series of solvent recycling equipment are open-topped units made for heavy-duty industrial cleaning operations, and are often used in conjunction with large industrial degreasers.

  • Designed for application specific solvent and loading
  • High distillation capacities available, up to 1000 GPH
SC-Series Industrial

Nanostill Distillation System

The Baron Blakeslee Nanostill solvent recycling distillation system is designed exclusively for use with small- to medium-sized vapor degreasers in cleaning applications involving light to moderate soil loading.

  • Reduces Operating Costs
  • Extends Solvent Life
SC-Series Industrial

Equinox Solstice PF Distillation Systems

Baron Blakeslee Equinox EQDS stills are designed for the unique physical properties of Solstice PF™ and are the most efficient and predictable way to recycle this special solvent. Custom sizes are available for any required distillation rate.

  • Recycles Solstice PF™ Solvent
  • Faster Cycle Times, Increased Production
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