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Baron Blakeslee's M-Series Precision Stills series can be used in conjunction with the M-Series vapor degreasers series.

Solvent Recycling

Use of this solvent recycling system allows for efficient reclamation of precision cleaning solvents, conserving your solvent and eliminating waste.


  • Stainless Steel T-304 Construction
  • 5-Side Tank Insulation
  • Closed Loop System
  • Completely Automated Solvent Transfer To Still From Degreaser
  • Refrigerant Cooled Cylindrical Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Air Cooled Refrigeration
  • Solvent Vapor Control
  • High Temperature Control
  • Digital Liquid Temperature Control
  • Low Level Control
  • High Level Control
  • Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor for Robust, Maintenance-Free Level Measurement
  • Dual Sight Ports
  • Solvent Level Sight Glass
  • Remote Thermometer for Refrigeration
  • Base Mounted for Convenient Drainage into Waste Drums
  • Easy maintenance
  • Closed loop design virtually eliminates emissions
  • Dramatically reduced solvent losses over standard open-top systems
  • Refrigeration cooled for high-purity distillation
  • No water utilities required
  • Solvent sub-cooled for maximum water separation

Why use an M-Series solvent recycling still? For one, it's extremely easy - the system is automated and requires little-to-no-maintenance. For another, it's handy, featuring a closed-loop design which eliminates virtually all emissions and drastically reduces solvent losses over open-top solvent recovery systems. No water utilities are required, and it's manufactured in three sizes to suit your company's unique needs. Please contact Baron Blakeslee today for more information on M-Series precision stills.

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Solvent Recycling