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The SC-Series is an open top (with cover) solvent recycling system designed for the quick and efficient reclamation of vapor degreasing solvents.

Solvent Recycling

This series is usually used alongside industrial degreasers in large-scale, heavy-duty industrial cleaning operations. This series and the M-Series stills are both industrial automation systems, guaranteeing their simple and stress-free use.


  • Atmospheric, Single Plate Still, Compatible With All Approved Vapor
  • Degreasing Solvents
  • Tank: 12 Gauge, Type 304 Stainless Steel
  • T304 Stainless Steel Solvent Piping
  • Single Point Manifold Copper Water Piping (inlet/outlet)
  • Stainless Steel Finned Condenser Coils
  • Stainless Steel Water Separator With Removable Lid & Internal Cooling Coil
  • Electric Heating With Stainless Steel Screw Plug Type Heaters Mounted To
  • Flanged Door For Easy Maintenance Access
  • Steam Heating With Stainless Steel Coils Mounted To Flanged Door For EasyMaintenance Access
  • Selector Switch For Transfer Pump Located In Degreaser Panel.
  • Visual Distillate Flow Indicator Mounted On Solvent Drying Unit
  • Wiring In NEMA 1 Conduit. NEMA 12 Type Junction Box.
  • Marine Style Cleanout Door
  • Minimum 1" Thick Tank Wall Heat Insulation
  • Covered With Stainless Steel Paneling
  • Structural Mild Steel (painted), Welded Base 44" High (allows clearance for a 55 gallon drum)
  • Equipment monitoring controls:
    • Liquid High Temperature
    • Low level control
    • Vapor level control
    • Water flow switch (cooling water)
    • Automatic level make-up device for transfer pump
    • Lift off tank cover
  • Optional Stainless Steel Transfer Pump Complete With Magnetic Starter
  • Optional Live Steam Injection Cook-Down To Concentrate Still Bottoms
  • Capacities From 30 GPH - 1000 GPH
  • Custom Capacities Available
  • Electrically Heated, Water Cooled
  • Stainless Steel Finned Condensing Coils
  • Chilled Water Separator
  • Optional Steam Heat

Besides the benefits listed above, this solvent recycling system can be tailored to a specific solvent, or to multiple solvents. It features a modular design with a stainless steel water separator, tanks constructed from stainless steel, and carbon supported by stainless steel material. This solvent recovery still line is peerless when it comes to large-scale recycling, so please call Baron Blakeslee today with your specific needs.

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Solvent Recycling