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Refurbishing Equipment

Baron Blakeslee offers full refurbishing and repair services for any Baron Blakeslee, Detrex or FARR Manufacturing vapor degreaser. Ship your old degreaser to our Factory, and we will fix only what needs to be fixed, and verify proper operation of all systems. During the process, Baron Blakeslee will advise you of any expenses as we proceed so there are no surprises. If there are any opportunities to upgrade components to modern equivalents, we will advise the cost and benefit thereof.

Examples of repairs are fixing tank leaks, replacing water separators, replacing burned out heaters, fixing refrigeration problems, replacing leaky coils, upgrading controls, troubleshooting electrical problems; basically anything required. If rewiring is performed, revised electrical schematics will be furnished as a part of our service. We can convert older refrigeration systems to use new environmentally friendly and compliant non-ozone depleting refrigerants.

Baron Blakeslee can also perform retrofits to improve performance or efficiency such as adding freeboard refrigeration systems, adding motorized sliding covers, adding freeboard, adding ultrasonics, etc. Non NESHAP degreasers can be appropriately modified to bring them into compliance.

In many cases, shipping a faulty degreaser back to Baron Blakeslee is less expensive than having a machine fixed at your location. Why take a chance with a refrigeration technician or mechanical contractor who knows nothing about vapor degreasers, much less the vapor degreasing process? Who is better qualified to repair and refurbish your degreaser than the company who designed & built it?

Baron Blakeslee offers a 30 day warranty on all refurbishing work performed. The customer is responsible for shipment to & from the Baron Blakeslee Factory.

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