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The right equipment is essential to the process of industrial parts cleaning. At Baron Blakeslee, this is a concept we understand well. As the world's leading manufacturer of vapor degreasers and airless vacuum cleaning equipment, we only offer the most reliable equipment to our clients, which includes used vapor degreasers.

Baron Blakeslee has been in business for over 100 years and we remain the experts in industrial cleaning. Not only is everything designed and manufactured in our USA-based facility, we also refurbish used equipment to provide more affordable options for a wide range of clients in the Aerospace, military, medical, automotive industries, and more.

High-Performance Used Equipment From Baron Blakeslee

Brand-new equipment may be out of your budget. That’s why we proudly offer used vapor degreaser equipment that performs just like new.

We offer a wide variety of refurbished vapor degreasers and airless vacuum vapor degreasers that include:

  • The M-series that is the most popular degreaser worldwide
  • The Z-series that is perfect for industrial and manufacturing operations
  • The Lab Kleen series that degreases tabletops with precision
  • Vibra degreasers that are built to clean metal parts and chips
  • Custom Airless™ Vacuum Vapor Degreasers to meet newer environmental rules

We offer parts cleaning options that feature vapor-only, liquid immersion, and ultrasonic vapor capabilities to ensure your operation can count on a superior clean every time you use a vapor cleaning system from Barn Blakeslee.

Get a Great Deal on Used Degreaser Equipment

Baron Blakeslee, after recently acquiring Serec Corporation, carries a wide range of used equipment options that are changing all the time, depending on what’s available. To learn which kinds of equipment we have for sale and to discover how much you can save, fill out our online form below or call and speak directly to a vapor degreaser specialist.

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