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Baronette vapor degreasers sold in the 1960s were the ideal choice for those who needed an entry level degreaser. This Baron Blakeslee product allowed users whose operation didn’t justify larger Baron Blakeslee equipment to have all the benefits of a vapor degreaser.

The new Baronette degreasers are still the perfect entry-level option, but they have been updated with modern features and better efficiency. Our improved Baronette degreasers are for sale and in-stock now, so it’s a great time to upgrade your equipment or to introduce a vapor degreaser to your operation for the first time.

Affordable, Effective Vapor Degreasing Equipment

For small to medium size cleaning requirements, our made-in-the-USA Baron Blakeslee Baronette vapor degreaser is the ideal choice. Designed for use with fluorinated solvent blends, and n-propyl bromide (nPB), the Baronette holds eight gallons of solvent and operates on a standard 120/1/60 VAC 20 amp electrical power source.

Unlike larger more expensive vapor degreasing equipment, the Baronette vapor degreasing system is an affordable alternative priced at less than $20,000.

The New Baronette Vapor Degreaser is Available Now

The impressive features of a Baronette degreaser are beneficial to those who need a small, affordable degreaser. The offset boil sump prevents parts from being dipped in dirty solvent, which is a precision cleaning feature typically found on more expensive equipment.

As the industry standard for vapor degreasing equipment since 1920, companies worldwide trust Baron Blakeslee for innovative cleaning systems. If you’re ready to learn more about the advantages of Baron Blakeslee Baronette vapor degreaser, contact our team today.

Baronette Vapor Degreaser

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  • PLC Control
  • 150 Watt, 40 kHz Ultrasonic System + Digital Sweep Frequency Generator (90 Watts Per Gallon)
  • Single Access Programmable Lift: Four User Defined Recipes
  • Filtration System with Magnetic Drive Pump + 10 Micron Filter
  • Refrigerated Condensing System (R-134a)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction of All Wetted Services
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve Drains
  • Four Side Tank Installation + 304 Stainless Steel Skin
  • Gravity Type Internal Water Separator
  • Indirect Contact Electric Heater Mounted on Tank Bottom
  • Sliding Tank Access Cover
  • All Welding in Accordance with ASME Section IX for TIG Process
  • Tanks Sections Welded Inside and Out
  • Solvent Vapor Control
  • High Temperature Control
  • Liquid Temperature Control
  • Low Level Control
  • User Selectable Control Settings for Multi-Solvent Capability
  • Audible Cycle Complete Indicator
  • Structural Frame with Locking Casters
  • 24 VDC Control Voltage
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Made In-House at Baron Blakeslee’s Factory
  • Easy to Program on Color Touchscreen
  • Small Footprint
  • Efficient Cleaning of Small and Medium Sized Parts
  • Affordable to Purchase and Operate
  • One Year Limited Warranty

For cleaning small or medium parts in a facility with limited floor space, the Baron Blakeslee Baronette vapor degreaser provides many of the same benefits as larger degreasers in a smaller, more affordable package. This entry-level degreaser is easy and affordable to operate and provides effective cleaning of a variety of parts.

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