⦁ Made In USA!
⦁ Designed Specifically For Honeywell Solstice®️ PF & PF-HP Solvents.
⦁ Allen-Bradley®️ PLC Control, Color Touchscreen HMI.
⦁ SCR Heater Control.
⦁ Work Basket: 300 Series Stainless Steel Construction. Internal Dimensions: 11” Long X 7” Wide X 3.5” High.
⦁ Overall Height: 5.5” With Handles. Basket Walls Are 4X4 Mesh.
⦁ Single Axis Programmable Lift, Five (5) Pound Capacity, Four (4) User Defined Recipes.
⦁ 150 Watt, 40 kHz Ultrasonic System (Approximately 30 Watts Per Gallon). Digital Sweep Frequency Generator Bottom Mounted Direct-Bond Transducers.
⦁ 300 Series Stainless Steel Solvent Wetted Areas.
⦁ Tank Insulation.
⦁ Operates On 120-1-60 VAC. Requires Dedicated NEMA 10-30 Receptacle, 30 Amp Breaker.
⦁ Offset Boil Concentrator (Prevents Parts From Being Dipped In Dirty Solvent).
⦁ Boil Concentrator Solvent Level Sight Glass.
⦁ Air Gap & Insulation Between Boil & Immersion Sumps.
⦁ Individual Tank Drains.
⦁ Refrigerated Stainless Steel Cooling Coils In Boil (Downtime Mode) & Immersion (Process Mode) Sumps.
⦁ DUAL REFRIGERATION SYSTEM: Primary (40℉) & Vaportrap™️ Freeboard (0℉) Refrigeration Systems Featuring Stainless Steel Cooling Coils.
⦁ R-513A Refrigerated Condensing Unit (Air-Cooled).
⦁ Cabinet Includes Maintenance Access Door To Facilitate Cleaning Of Refrigeration System Condenser.
⦁ Magnetic Drive Filtration Pump + Stainless Steel Cartridge Filter (10 Micron).
⦁ Stainless Steel T-304 Electrically Actuated Automatic Sliding Cover.
⦁ Stainless Steel T-304 Water Separator.
⦁ Base Mounted Casters, Two Swivel, Two Locking.
⦁ Solvent Vapor Control (Shuts Off Heat If Refrigeration Fails).
⦁ High Temperature Control (Prevents Heater Burnout).
⦁ Vapor Level Safety Control (Activates If Cooling System Fails).
⦁ Low Solvent Alarm.
⦁ Audible Cycle Complete /Cover Open Indicator.
⦁ Operation, Maintenance & Instruction Manual.
⦁ Electrical + Refrigeration Schematics, Control Panel Layout & General Assembly Drawings.

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