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Baron-Blakeslee has been the industry standard for vapor degreasing equipment since 1920.

We build and support vapor degreasers and industrial cleaning equipment for companies worldwide. Our systems are reliable and extremely effective.

Our vapor degreaser series include some of the world’s most trusted options, including the highly versatile M-series (the #1 vapor degreaser worldwide), the Z-series for industrial and manufacturing operations, the Lab Kleen series for precision tabletop degreasing, and Vibra degreasers for cleaning valuable metal parts and chips. Whether you’re looking for vapor-only, liquid immersion, or ultrasonic vapor degreasers, we can help.

Our vapor degreasers are frequently used for parts-cleaning applications throughout the aerospace, medical, electronics, and oil industries. In addition, we offer tube cleaning equipment for both aqueous and solvent formats.

Engineering Support and Customization

Our engineers and service specialists offer excellent engineering support across the U.S. and around the world. We offer application evaluation, testing, technical service, contract maintenance, replacement parts, training and installation. We can also customize our machinery to your needs - if you’re thinking about custom design or sizing, please let us know what you’re looking for.

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