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This in-line cleaner uses the latest technology to remove rosin fluxes and pastes from electronic assemblies. Unlike other inline cleaners, the Aeterna Solvent Inline Defluxer provides a very high throughput, high precision defluxing process while requiring minimal floor space. This system allows for processing of a high volume of printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies, and it can be used with a variety of halogenated hydrocarbon defluxing solvents, including nPB and HFC/HFE fluorinated chemistries. The halogenated hydrocarbon solvents used in the Aeterna provide superior conventional inline defluxing systems. The Aeterna series inline cleaning system can easily be assimilated in between upstream and downstream operations on an electronic manufacturing line.


  • High Volume Inline Processing
  • Designed For Use With Halogenated Hydrocarbon Defluxing Solvents
  • Cabinetized Design
  • Built-In Solvent Distillation
  • Easy Access Spray Manifolds
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • PLC Control
  • Minimal Floor Space Requirements
  • Efficient Cleaning of Sensitive Electronics
  • Easy-to-Maintain
  • Designed & Fabricated, In House, In the USA
  • Consistent, Reliable Cleaning Performance
  • Cost-effective to Purchase and Operate
  • Small Footprint

The Aeterna Solvent Inline Defluxer now allows you a smaller and more cost-efficient method for PCB cleaning. Unlike with a conventional defluxing process, the Aeterna defluxing system does not require extremely large machinery or a very expensive material handling system. Unlike conventional inline defluxing systems, the Aeterna does not require deionized water, a floor drain or exhaust. Also it uses a fraction of the power of a conventional inline defluxing system, less than 20%. This defluxing system can easily be integrated into your exiisting manufacturing line. It is ideal for use within both the aerospace and medical industry for high precision cleaning of sensitive products. This system provides a safe, effective spray under immersion cleaning and utilizes a special tunnel design with integral condensing and sub zero refrigeration coils. Please contact Baron- Blakeslee today for more on the Z Series or other vapor degreaser models.

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