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The M-Series vapor degreaser series is the world's best selling vapor degreaser because of the versatility of its options.

Vapor Degreasing

We produce a vapor-only model (our MVR vapor degreasers), a liquid immersion model (our MLR vapor degreaser) and an ultrasonic vapor degreaser (our MSR model). These three different models are each available in five different sizes. Additionally, we develop and manufacture custom designs and sizes upon request.


  • 100% Freeboard Ratio, 125%On Selected Models
  • Refrigerated Primary Condensing Coils
  • Vapor Trap™ Sub-Zero Refrigerated Secondary Coils
  • Hot Gas Bypass for primary refrigeration
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Condensing Coils
  • Fully Insulated Tanks
  • Liquid Immersion (MLR and MSR Models Only)
  • Ultrasonic Cavitation System (MSR Models Only)
  • Sliding Stainless Steel Cover
  • Water Separator
  • Filtration and Recirculation System (MLR and MSR Models Only)
  • Solvent Vapor Control
  • High Temperature Control
  • Digital Liquid Temperature Control
  • Low Level Control
  • Vapor Up Control
  • Foot Switch Operated Spray Lance
  • Full Technical Support
  • One Year limited Warranty
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Continuous solvent reclamation - minimizes waste stream
  • Few process variables to manage
  • Consistent, reliable cleaning performance
  • Cost-effective to purchase and operate
  • Small footprint

Another reason for this series' popularity is that it requires minimal maintenance and has been engineered to reduce waste. Its design allows for continuous solvent reclamation, minimizing a waste stream. Baron-Blakeslee's design and engineering staff is always working to create greener, more sustainable designs, which is why the M-Series series has been crafted with both waste and carbon footprint reduction in mind. Every design in every vapor degreaser line has been designed to meet the standards set forth in the Environmental Protection Agency's National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP), making the durable and versatile M-Series series smart both for your business and for the planet.

Welded & Flanged Piping: This optional premium construction feature provides the ultimate in piping design, facilitates repairs, and includes welded plumbing with all flanged joints where necessary. Also included are flanged stainless steel pumps for filtration & distillate spray systems. This is a standard feature on Z Series degreasers, but is optional on M Series.

Special Filtration: Baron Blakeslee can offer optional special filtration options on M Series degreasers such as "absolute filtration", step down filtration configurations, dual series filtration systems, parallel filtration, differential pressure monitoring systems, automatic filtration systems, etc. In this case a 10 micron (nominal) filter precedes a 1 micron (nominal) filter.

Two Dip Immersion (2D) Configuration: The MSR/MLR models of the M Series degreaser family are available with an optional Two Dip Immersion (2D) Configuration that provides TWO immersion sumps and an offset boil sump as opposed to the standard M Series configuration where the boil sump & immersion sump are in the same vapor zone. In precision cleaning applications, the rule of thumb is that in a dual immersion scenario, the final sump is a factor of ten cleaner than the sump preceding it. In the 2D configuration, the boil sump is offset. It's a non working chamber in the back of the degreaser, and as such parts can not be immersed into it. The boil sump is where all of the soluble contaminants from the degreasing process accumulate, so, it's dirty (unless the degreaser is coupled to a still Solvent Recycling operating in continuous mode). In precision cleaning, boil sump immersion may not be desired. So, with the 2D model the precision cleaning customer can get a dual immersion machine that will get their parts cleaner than a conventional degreaser in the same footprint. The 2D configuration is available for a minor upcharge on a standard M Series. Each sump may optionally be configured with ultrasonics, spray under immersion, Serductor eductor nozzles, filtration, etc. The offset boil sump is that dark rectangular opening on the rear tank wall of the left (first) immersion sump. In special, custom configurations, we can offer any number of immersion stages, each being a factor of 10 cleaner than the one preceding it.

Remote Refrigeration: Baron Blakeslee can offer optional remote mounting configurations for the M Series refrigeration systems In some cases machine may be placed in areas like clean rooms where floorspace is at a premium and the customer does not want the airflow or heat load introduced by air cooled refrigeration systems. Although, we do offer water cooled condensers for refrigeration systems. Sometimes it's merely an issue of space, and the customer wants to locate the refrigeration systems elsewhere, which can reduce degreaser footprint by nearly half. Weather enclosures are provided for refrigeration modules located out doors. We can also offer reconfigurations of the degreaser base to orient the degreaser tank & refrigeration modules in a collinear arrangement to reduce the front to back dimension of the system as an example.

Enclosures:Enclosures serve several purposes, isolating the degreaser from drafts, guarding automation, providing a means to interface with exhaust (generally to a carbon adsorption system), and aesthetics. When a degreaser is equipped with a Hoist, the enclosure door will operate in concert with the Hoist. Various options may be incorporated into enclosures such as viewing windows, lighting, cameras, solvent PPM detectors, exhaust ports, control of external exhaust blowers, maintenance access panels, interface to external conveyors, light curtains, etc. Enclosures may, in most cases, be field retrofitted to existing BB degreasers.

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Vapor Degreasers