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Before recycling metals of high-value, the metal must be free of oil before it is melted down to be reused again. The Vibra degreaser is ideal for cleaning chips, nuts, bolts, rivets, nails, fasteners, bearings, small stampings, small castings and many other objects. A few high-value metals the Vibra degreaser can clean includes: Titanium, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Monel, Zirconium, etc.  This vibratory vapor degreaser is able to clean these small metal chips, turnings and grindings through the combination of vibration, flowing solvent and solvent vapor. Minimum floor space is required because a spiral elevator allows for floor space savings up to 75% over other types of cleaning equipment.


  • Designed for Cleaning Chips, Turnings & Grindings of High-Value Metals
  • Continuous Feed: Dirty Parts In, Clean Parts Out
  • Wide Range Of Capacities: 1,000 - 10,000 lbs/hr capacity up to 75 ft/hr
  • Flexible Load/Unload Positions
  • Low Solvent Consumption
  • Large Vision Panels & Access Doors
  • Minimal Replacement Parts: Only One Moving Element
  • Electric Or Steam Heat Options
  • Optional Superheat & Steam Heated Spiral Track For Hard-to-Dry Parts
  • Minimal Floor Space Requirements
  • Efficient Cleaning of Small & Hard-to-Dry Parts
  • Spiral Trough Eliminates Need for Baskets, Fixtures, Pans, Etc.
  • Easy-to-Maintain
  • Designed & Fabricated, In House, In the USA
  • Consistent, Reliable Cleaning Performance
  • Cost-effective to Purchase and Operate
  • Small Footprint

The Vibra degreaser is ideal for use in the aerospace industry, as well as any other industry that recycles high-value metals. The vibratory vapor degreaser has controlled feeding and unloading to permit the removal of excess chips and contaminants such as oil and cutting solutions. The work travels down the load chute to the vibrating spiral bottom tray. The work then rises on a vibrating spiral elevator track through a counter-flowing rinse of clean solvent distillate, through the vapor section (superheat is optional), and finally through the freeboard section.  Cleaning of the metal is accomplished by the combination of vibration, flowing solvent and solvent vapor, thus recycling metals of high-value to be used to build another component. Please contact Baron- Blakeslee today for more on the Z Series or other vapor degreaser models.

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