⦁ Designed Specifically for Honeywell Solstice PF Solvent
⦁ All Solvent Wetted Parts of Stainless-Steel T-304 Construction
⦁ Stainless Steel T-304 Water Separator
⦁ Full Tank Insulation With Stainless Steel Paneling
⦁ Closed Loop System (Vents To Vapor Degreaser, Not Atmosphere)
⦁ Air Operated Diaphragm Transfer Pump With Air Controls
⦁ Completely Automated Solvent Transfer To Still From Cleaning System. (Level Sensor Controls Transfer Pump Automatically For Continuous Operation)
⦁ Refrigerant Cooled Cylindrical Plate Heat Exchanger. (Design sub-cools solvent For Optimum Water Separation)
⦁ Indirect Hot Water Heating System With Manual Make-Up, Expansion Reservoir, Level Control & Thermocouple
⦁ Air Cooled Refrigeration. (No Water Utilities Required)
⦁ PLC Control + Color Touchscreen HMI
⦁ Visual Sight Port
⦁ Sight Glass
⦁ Clean Out door
⦁ Base Mounted With Dirty Solvent Outlet Conveniently Located To Transfer Directly Into Waste Cylinder

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