• Standard weight capacity: 75 lbs (PCHR-75 model). Custom basket sizes and weight capacities available.
  • Standard basket internal dimensions: 16"L x 10.5" ID.
  • Manual jog function allows basket rotation into optimum positions for loading / unloading.
  • Low speed, gentle rotation. < 10 RPM.
  • Two (2) adjustable speeds in each axis.
  • PLC control.
  • Color touchscreen HMI.
  • Joystick included for PLC based position self-learning capability.
  • Touchscreen adjustment of cycle dwell times
  • Simple cable lift type design.
  • Design minimizes moving parts over cleaning system.
  • Recipe capable.
  • Basket design, shape, surface finish, internal features and material of construction may be customized to suit any requirement.
  • Available Rotating Hexagonal Baskets, Or Cylindrical Baskets With Internal Radial Flights.
  • Basket includes full width hinged access door with spring latches.
  • Latches designed for one hand operation.
  • Basket lifting frame includes automatic mechanical basket lid locking feature to close lid before starting load sequence.
  • Epoxy coated structural steel frame.

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