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Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Baron Blakeslee, Since 1920, The Original American Solvent Vapor Degreasing Company.

Complete solvent cleaning strategies: Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers & Open Top Vapor Degreasers, compatible with halogenated, hydrocarbon & modified alcohol solvents.

Aqueous precision & industrial cleaning equipment. Coating systems. Standard & custom designs. Material Handling

All equipment designed & built in our Factory in Williamstown, WV, USA.

Baron Blakeslee, a tradition of quality, technical support and service.

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About Baron Blakeslee

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Since our company first opened its doors in 1920, we've been known for our cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation. Back then, we were called the Blakeslee Company and we manufactured one of the world's first commercial dish washers; today, Baron-Blakeslee is a trusted name in industrial cleaning equipment development and production. In recent years, we've worked to develop green technologies and have begun producing aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning equipment.

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Refurbishing Services

Baron Crest

Send your Baron Blakeslee, Detrex or FARR vapor degreaser back to our factory in Williamstown, WV for refurbishing or repair. This service is an alternative to many unknowns involved from buying a used degreaser from a source that may not be knowledgeable or trustworthy. It can also keep an existing degreaser running when there is no room in the budget to purchase a new one.

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Do you need Replacement Parts?

We have replacement parts for Baron Blakeslee Cleaning Equipment, Detrex Cleaning Equipment, and FARR Cleaning Equipment.

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