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We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of standard and custom, precision cleaning equipment. Our products are Solvent Vapor Degreasing Systems, Solvent Recovery Distillation Systems, and Aqueous & Semi-Aqueous Cleaning Systems. Delivering quality equipment and service since 1920, we remain the experts in industrial cleaning, and continue to provide equipment that is the standard for comparison in our industry.

Equipment and Service

All of our equipment is designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house. All manufacturing is performed in our modern facility in Williamstown, WV, USA. We offer a total, personalized service approach to our customers, including application evaluation, testing, technical service, contract maintenance, replacement parts, training, and installation.

Industrial Cleaning and Degreasing Solutions

Our customers are from the Aerospace, Military, Metal Finishing, Medical, Electronics, Automotive, Optics, and other industries that require critical cleaning. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to provide the most efficient, cost effective, environmental sound method to meet your cleaning requirements.

Baron-Blakeslee SFC, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Service Filtration Corporation since July, 2009. Baron-Blakeslee has been the leading manufacturer of solvent vapor degreasing systems since 1920. Our innovative technology, efficient design and robust construction have been legendary in the industry. While there are several competitors, Baron-Blakeslee remains the only significant U.S. vapor degreaser manufacturer that offers a full range of standard to custom systems with total in-house design, engineering, manufacturing and service. Under the new ownership, Baron-Blakeslee has expanded its proprietary cleaning equipment to include the manufacture of standard and custom aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning systems.

While the corporate headquarters of Baron-Blakeslee SFC, Inc. is located at the Service Filtration Corporation building in Northbrook, IL, our manufacturing facility is located at our 42,000 sq. ft. plant in Williamstown, WV-USA. Other companies of SFC include SERFILCO Ltd., USA, Service Filtration of Canada, SERFILCO International, R.P. Adams, Inc., Pacer Pump Company, Inc., Filterspun, and Polymar, Inc.

A Short History of Baron Blakeslee

Baron-Blakeslee began its existence as the Blakeslee Company around the beginning of the 20th Century. Its first major product was an automatic commercial dish washing machine. Primarily made of wood, it was sold as a machine that would "clean more dishes than it would break".

In the 1930's, the Baron-Blakeslee Company began its entry into industrial cleaning by providing vapor degreasing machines and solvent to the Ford Motor Company. The original patent for solvent vapor degreasing using Trichloroethylene was established in Germany and the Baron-Blakeslee Company became a licensee of this process. Over the course of time, Baron-Blakeslee refined this technology to become the leading source for vapor degreasing equipment worldwide. Baron-Blakeslee is legendary for producing equipment that is the standard of comparison in the industry. Baron-Blakeslee designs are noted for operating efficiency and robust construction that provides long life and reliability. Today, it is not unusual to see Baron-Blakeslee systems that are operating on a daily basis despite two to three decades of service.

Following the Montreal Protocol of the 1990's, which banned of the manufacture of 1,1,1 Trichloroethane for environmental reasons, solvent vapor degreasing lost popularity as the methodology of choice for removing organic soils. However, with the evolution of tighter, more efficient degreaser system designs and non-hazardous cleaning solvents, there is a significant return to this technology for precision cleaning. For critical cleaning of organic soils, solvent vapor degreasing is the standard by which all other cleaning methodologies are compared.

Today, Baron-Blakeslee SFC, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Service Filtration Corporation, remains the industry standard for vapor degreasing systems. In fact, it is the only US provider of a full range of standard and custom systems with in-house design engineering, research & development, manufacturing and technical service. In addition, Baron-Blakeslee has recently expanded its product offering to include aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning systems. Regardless of the cleaning application, Baron-Blakeslee has the right equipment and process to meet the requirement.

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