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Baron Blakeslee Serec offers cutting-edge technology and innovative designs to manufacture superior Airless™ hydrocarbon vapor cleaning systems for businesses across an extensive assortment of industries. Our revolutionary Airless™ hydrocarbon vapor degreasing system provides flexible and versatile solutions to meet your unique application needs, and can be used either as a stand-alone machine or as a module in a process line, creating a streamlined process that makes cleaning easier and more manageable.

Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless™ equipment is the only vacuum degreaser available completely designed, built and supported by Americans in the USA.

State-of-the-Art Airless™ Hydrocarbon vapor degreasing system

Compared to our competitors, our high vacuum, low temperature Airless™ chambers offer unparalleled performance, service, and compliance to all federal and state regulations. Baron Blakeslee Serec utilizes vacuum technology in our solvent extraction systems in four primary ways:

  • Solvent Emission Reduction: To eliminate solvent emissions, our machines evacuate the air chamber prior to introducing solvents, ensuring the air and solvents don't mix with each other.
  • Degassing the Solvent: Our system provides a deeper clean to your industrial parts and equipment by placing the solvent under a vacuum, eliminating air dissolved in the solvent and enhancing ultrasonic power.
  • Complete Parts Drying: The vacuum drying process creates a vacuum in the cleaning chamber, and the higher the vacuum, the lower the solvent boiling point. Heat capacity of the parts aids in boiling the solvent, then evaporated vapor is recaptured and recycled in the system.
  • Intrinsically Safe Design & Construction: Baron Blakeslee Serec hydrocarbon Airless™ degreasers are designed to be intrinsically safe and are specifically intended for use with flammable or combustible solvents. Not every hydrocarbon vacuum degreaser is designed to be intrinsically safe.

Baron Blakeslee Serec Airless™ hydrocarbon vacuum vapor degreasers are designed for use with the following hydrocarbon (non-halogenated) type solvents:

  • Acetone
  • Isoparaffin Hydrocarbons (Isopar)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Modified Alcohols
  • Non-Halogenated Hydrocarbons

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Support sustainability with environmentally-friendly, safe, and cost-effective hydrocarbon Airless™ vapor degreasing systems from the experts at Baron Blakeslee Serec. Get more information regarding our products and how they benefit your business by calling us today to speak with a qualified representative.

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